Essay Writing Service You Must Try

GradeMiners. Com is a promising service with catchy and convenient website. This company offers all kinds of academic writing services including papers of all academic levels and disciplines. If you are interested in one of the most perspective custom writing agencies, than read further!

 First impressions are half the battle

Have ever noticed how samely and tedious most of the essay websites are? Well, GradeMiners is an absolutely another case. To say that the design of their site is great is to say nothing. Blocks and columns, fonts and colors look wonderful and work together perfectly.

For some unknown reason, many essay writing services have an old-fashioned design. However, GradeMiners differentiate themselves from others due to the living and exciting appearance.

What about the quality?

Well, wondering if the GradeMiners will mine a million tones of good grades for you? To find out, we have ordered a paper from them, and the results were as follows.

We have ordered a five-page college essay on philosophy and asked it to be finished in twelve hours. To say the truth, we were surprised that the assigned writer has completed the paper in seven hours. Impressing speed, isn’t it?

Taking this speed of writing into account, we prepared to see the paper of a low quality, with poor grammar and some minor mistakes. But we were pleasantly surprised, because the paper was clearly done not only by a native speaker, but also a clear professional in the field of philosophy. In addition, we checked the paper for plagiarism, and the results were positive.

The GradeMiners work with a plenty of subjects from Humanities and Social sciences to Technologies and even Programming Languages. Surely,  they also work with all the formatting styles you can imagine: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard.

The prices

The writing skills of the native speakers that are involved in the process of creating your paper surely are high. However, the prices  are also high enough.  The paper mentioned above, which is five pages, college level with the deadline of twelve hours, will cost you 329.50$.

Pretty much for a college student, but we have to say, that it totally worth it. So, if you have decided to order an essay and you need an A, than it makes sense to try a service that is not very cheap, but qualitative.

First and foremost, you should think about the fact that a cheaper service may provide you with a worse content. That is, if you don’t care about the way the paper will look like, and there is no difference for you what grade you will get, but you just need to save your college life, you can choose among the cheaper services. Unless if you want your paper to be the best in class. Then choose GradeMiners.

Thus, there are some details and advices you should notice. You should order a paper ahead, since the shorter is the deadline, the higher is the price. Moreover, you can cancel an option of top writer that will cost you a 30% of the price, and remove the Premium Quality option which guarantees you a proofreading by professional editors. All of these options are present in the order form by defaults.

To sum up, GradeMiners deliver qualitative papers, meeting all of the customer’s requirements. Despite the speed of the work done, the paper we ordered was very good.

If you need an A-paper in a few hours, than GradeMiners is your choice. However, prepare to come down with your money.