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Memory Keeper: Bringing a Mac Back To Life

I use my MacBook Pro for work, and of course I have many apps installed on it. However, over time my Mac became rather sluggish, so I tried lots of apps to speed it up. I scanned my HD for junk files and removed them; I disabled some login items and even checked my system for viruses. It made my Mac run a bit faster, but not as fast as it was when I bought it. So I continued googling the reasons that may slow down a Mac, and finally found the one that could have been my case: low RAM.

I searched the App Store for memory optimization apps and stumbled upon MemoryKeeper I looked through the screenshots and liked the clear and minimalistic design of this app. So I decided to give it a try and downloaded it.

When I first opened the app, I saw an overview of my Mac’s memory. It definitely needed cleaning, as the speedometer had a lot of red color. About 9 GB out of 16 was used. The app also informed me about other apps that were consuming the most memory of my Mac. So I clicked the Clean Memory button to let MemoryKeeper do its job. And it did. As a result, nearly 4 GB out of 9 was cleaned. When I restarted my MacBook, I was pretty impressed by its performance. Seems that this small app brought it back to life.


Of course it was not one-time cleanup. I could easily forget about memory cleanups that should be done from time to time, so I just used another helpful feature of MemoryKeeper: autocleanup. I clicked the Turn On Automatic Cleanup button, and it told MemoryKeeper to make silent automatic cleanups of memory in the background.


By the way, the app has a small tutorial that can be accessed via the “How It Works?” button. This tutorial also contains some useful info about RAM.

Summary: MemoryKeeper is quite a straightforward, user-friendly, and fast app that will neatly do its job even if the Mac itself is slow. I can recommend this app to Mac users who work with resource-consuming programs and want a quick and easy way to optimize the memory.