The secret of being successful as a freelancer

Surely you’ve seen motivating picture in the Internet about freelance work. White sand, blue ocean, gorgeous palm trees. And among all this beauty you will find a handsome man, with perfectly tanned skin. Also on his knees he will take new laptop that really costs an arm and a leg.

But if the life of a freelancer is really so easy and carefree? And how many actually you have to work to look like on the picture? Let’s discus the main secrets of successful “home” expert and what exactly you need to become him.


How to get ready for it?

To get the maximum profit of working remotely you have to think about few things. First, decide for yourself whether you agree to forget about any co-workers. Second, if you agree to take all the decisions on your own and to be responsible for the consequences. If you are not scared, we are prepared to accept two main things, which face each freelancer.

  1. New starting is always scary and difficult

If you are just starting your way of freelancer, be prepared for some difficulties. Not everyone wants to work with newcomers without any recommendations. You have literally fight for every customer, to prove that you can do serious job. From time to time you have to do it, until that time, you will have enough recommendations.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a copywriter at cheap essay writing services, designer, accountant, lawyer or a programmer, everyone must prove his “name”.  You can make it in different ways. For example, show your texts, sketches, or how you deal with balance sheet. Al these things can show if you are promising future freelancer or no.

Often beginners have to sit at home for a long time without any work. At this time you can be very disappoint, your self-confidence is  getting lower and lower. Of course, you will have an idea to drop everything and “like normal people” come back to the office.

  1. Always in working process

When you gain a lot of power and customers, the fun begins. You have more and more projects, the desire to miss another good order less and less, and free time is left at all. Now you are not waiting and searching for new projects, you really work hard. On vacation, on the beach, in the country, on Saturday and Sunday – the laptop is always with you. A successful freelancer – is a real workaholic, in love with his projects.

About the Author: Dave Jeckins is a freelancer. He likes to travel and spend time with his family.


University of Cadiz – Spain, Cádiz


University of Cadiz is a prestigious state university located in the province of Cadiz, independent community of Andalusia. The city of Cadiz was founded in 1100 BC, and today it is considered the oldest city in Western Europe.

It is believed that the University of Cadiz was founded on the basis of the first Spanish institution of higher education medical profile (Royal Naval Medical and surgical College). The college was founded in Cadiz in 1749, and in 1843 it was transformed into a Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cadiz. More information about the University of Cadiz, visit the website .

After the founding the University of Cadiz has become one of the leading universities in the country, and has become one of the leaders in the process of adaptation to the European model of higher education. Since then, the University of Cadiz is constantly evolving and expanding. The number of students is more than 20,000 (2013).

Educational programs for Bachelors:

Cadiz Campus

  1. Medicine
  2. Business management and business administration
  3. Finance and Accounting
  4. Labour relations and human resources
  5. Nursing (also in the center of Salus Infirmorum)
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. Studies of the Arab and Islamic world
  8. French language and regional studies
  9. English language and regional studies
  10. Classical philology
  11. Spanish philology
  12. History
  13. Humanitarian sciences
  14. General and Applied Linguistics
  15. Industrial Engineering
  16. Software Engineering

Puerto Real Campus:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Mathematical sciences
  3. Oceanology
  4. Environmental Sciences
  5. Double Major: Chemistry and Environmental Sciences
  6. Double major: Environmental Sciences and Chemistry
  7. Double major: Oceanology and Environmental Sciences
  8. Double major: Environmental Sciences and Oceanography
  9. Teacher of preschool education
  10. Teacher of primary education
  11. Chemical Engineering
  12. Marine Engineering
  13. Civil Fleet. Navigation and Maritime Transportation Engineering
  14. Civil Fleet. Marine Engineering
  15. Civil Fleet. Radio-electronic Engineering

Jerez Campus:

  1. Business management and business administration
  2. Nursing
  3. Marketing and Market Research
  4. Public administration
  5. Tourism
  6. Social work
  7. Law
  8. Criminology and Public Safety
  9. Advertising and public relations

Algeciras Campus:

  1. Nursing
  2. Business management and business administration
  3. Labor relations and human resources
  4. Law
  5. Industrial Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Primary Education Teacher (University School Virgen de Europa)
  8. Pre-school teacher (University School Virgen de Europa)

About the author: Helga Riot is a freelance writer. She is interested in IT, science and development of apps. Helga enjoys playing the guitar and reading books.


Avoiding Drama In College


  1. It is easy to spot a drama queen, and if you haven’t seen ‘Mean Girls’, we are going to give you a little hint. It’s that girl who dresses mostly in pink, knows who’s dating who and when she is not talking about best dissertation writing services (because she is too awesome to do her homework), she’s probably discussing you. It’s that gossiper who is living on scandal and never misses an opportunity to talk behind your back. Know her. Avoid her.
  2. Treat people kindly. That’s what your parents told you, and that’s what we are telling you now. If you are being forced into backbiting or gossiping about someone, think of your reputation. People who have been talking nasty about your neighbor might be doing the same to you, so try to stay away from negative influence if you sense one.
  3. Do not add fuel to the fire. We’ve all been emotional in our lives. If you let current feelings prevail, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to engage in drama you didn’t even start. If scandal’s epicenter is not your dream destination, try to be Switzerland. Say nothing, do nothing. Show that you support neither of parties. This way, you won’t have to justify yourself in the future, as you remained neutral.
  4. Do not take things for granted. If a friend of yours approaches saying she heard your name mentioned in a heated discussion, it may be just another rumor. Don’t start a fight if you heard someone say stuff that is not even legit. Save energy for studies rather than waste it on people who are not worth an ounce of your time!
  5. Avoid feuds on social media. If you can’t say it to my face, there is no use posting it on Facebook. Remember there is no way you can get it back once it’s online. If you are not sure whether you want your reputation at stake, it’s better to leave it to social media fans. Besides, if you see your friends fighting for a lost cause, you can point out the uselessness of their efforts or be an impassive witness. Either way, our advice is simple: do not get involved. You will see there is nothing pretty about being an attention seeker without reason. Tell drama queens to leave their theatrical poses and mannerisms for another time!
  6. Do not become involved if you don’t know who’s right, in other words – don’t go searching for drama. College’s got a lot more in store for you than sharing secrets in the uni hall. Focus on your education and avoid people who start and spread gossip. After all, it’s all about how you feel and the way you are perceived. Besides, you will have a lot to learn once you start the studying routine!

Reasons to Buy Essays Online

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Take Your Time to Buy Essays Online!

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Write my paper in APA format!

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